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Health Screenings


Anaconda School District #10 partners with local providers to offer FREE school-based health screenings and services throughout the school year. These services are provided at your child’s school during school hours so you won’t have to miss work for your child to receive recommended school health screenings.


Typical School-Based Health Services Calendar:


October ……..Vision Screenings (Grades K-2nd, 3rd & 5th, and 7th & 9th)

                         Hearing Screenings (Grades PK-2nd, and 9th)

                         Fall Height & Weight Screenings (Grades K-6th)

                         Fall Oral Health Screenings (Grades K-6th)

                         Fall Immunization Clinics* (Grades K-12th, if signed up)

                         Fluoride Varnish* (Grades K-6th, if signed up)

January ……..Hearing Re-screens (Grades PK-2nd, and 9th, if needed)

February ……Scoliosis Screenings (Grades 5th & 7th)

March ……….Scoliosis Re-screens (Grades 5th & 7th, if needed)

April …………Spring Immunization Clinics* (Grades 6th-12th, if signed up)

                        Puberty & Hygiene Education** (5th Grade)

                        Spring Oral Health Screenings (Grade PK, if signed up)

May ………….Spring Height & Weight Screenings (Grades K-6th)


*Immunizations and fluoride varnish require separate consent forms for participation in the screenings.

In rare cases, certain vaccines may not be free. For immunization questions, call the Health Department at 563-7863.


**Puberty & Hygiene courses are separated into male and female classes.

These classes do NOT cover sex-ed, which is taught later in junior-high by health-ed teachers.


All Anaconda School District #10 students are eligible to participate in these school-based health services. For more information about health services offered in Anaconda School District #10, please contact the school nurse using the information on the Staff Directory or Bio Pages.

Interested in helping out during the annual health screening events? Simply send in the volunteer form attached here: