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There are five vaccines or types of immunizations required for school attendance in the State of Montana. Each vaccine has its own series of booster shots to acquire adequate immune protection.
The above pictures show the immunizations required for school attendance and when they should be given to your student.
The immunization status of all students are evaluated upon school registration and then annually during the fall of every school year. (This follows State law.)
For children who are in elementary school, the due dates for DTaP #5, MMR #2, Varicella #2, and Polio #4 are immediately following the student's 4th birthday.
For entry into 7th grade, students must have received their first dose of Tdap (which can be given any time between age 7 years and entrance into 7th grade).
For students who are allergic to vaccines, the Medical Exemption Form HES101A attached below must be completed by the student's healthcare provider and submitted to the school nurse upon school entry.
For students whose guardians do not want them to have vaccinations, the Religious Exemption Form HES113 attached below must be completed, notarized, and submitted to the school nurse annually for school entry.
To electronically protect and preserve your student's immunization record in the State registry, see the imMTrax information attached below or visit the website linked here: