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Anaconda Junior/Senior High School

2014 National Blue Ribbon School

MISSION: To establish a safe environment to prepare students for a successful life beyond high school.

MANTRA: Always Be Ready! Have Respect for Self and Others! Shows Responsibility!

Welcome to Anaconda Junior/Senior High School!!

The staff at AJSHS is looking forward to helping every individual student that comes to our school in the 2018-19 school year. It is our goal to not only teach the students the content standards outlined in our curriculum documents but also teach them learning strategies that will help them be better learners. Our staff will continue working on helping our students organize critical information of the course.

Our literacy focus this year will help students become better readers of complex text. We have many talented readers that leave Anaconda Junior/Senior High School yearly but we have found that they struggle in college. Why you say? The answer is simple yet complex. Education has traditionally taught our students to be good readers and writers in the English language. However, the texts written in science, math, and other subjects are not written like those in the English curriculum. Therefore, we will continue with national experts and professional development this year to help our teachers understand how to help students read text in various contexts. Our overall goal is to have our students be able to read science text like a scientist, math text like a mathematician, etc.

As we continue to serve as the administrators at AJSHS, we are proud of the accomplishments made by the students and staff of our school. We are often looked at as a model school for instructional innovations around the state. We are a National Blue Ribbon School for 2014, and we always look forward to improving.

As you can see, we have work to do but also have reason to celebrate. Our school is your school. Please stop in and we will let you see our programs in action.

Shawn Hansen, Principal

Allen Green, Vice-Principal/Athletic Director